Friday, May 17, 2013

Tobacco Preventions and Information

Kick those butts!

Tobacco Prevention
Quitting smoking is hard. It is among one of the hardest addictions to let go of but the benefits of doing so are astronomical. Millions of Americans have kicked the habit but a large percentage of quitters need an extra boost or a helping hand along the way. A great place to look for support is by visiting and interacting with various bloggers online who have quit smoking and share their tips, tricks, and methods with others in need of help.

Did you know that millions of your tax dollars and contributions are spent by the US government to combat tobacco addiction and provide information to people who need help quitting smoking? There is even a live chat option available where somebody can get real time advice and information on where to look to get information and local support for nicotine addiction.

tobaco prevention
Finally, tobacco prevention information can also be found at where we offer thousands of products for use by teachers, parents, counselors, instructors, and more. And remember, the Great American Smoke-Out takes place November 15th 2013 so check out one of our sponsors for even more information about tobacco prevention!