Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - The Unprotected Truth about Alcohol

Over the next few weeks, NIMCO will be sharing some "Attention Grabber™" ideas that you can use in class to help teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The “Attention Grabbers” are designed to assist with teaching and speaking about the adverse effects alcohol and drugs cause to all who are exposed to these addictive drugs. We live in a visual society, making visual aids a needed resource to assist with speaking or teaching thus enabling you to reach your entire audience. The suggestions are designed to assist your alcohol and drug education programs. You may expound upon each scenario as your presentation or speaking time allows. Each “Attention Grabber™” is very cost effective to present with the suggested visual aids to reiterate the information given during your presentation. These "Attention Grabber™" ideas are also great for Red Ribbon Week!

Bottle of Sun Screen with a high SPF

Hold the bottle of sunscreen up and read the information on the bottle about the effectiveness of the product. Explain in detail how to apply the sunscreen to get the best possible coverage. Tell why the sunscreen is so important to keep you from being sun burnt and causing damage to your skin. Ask students what would happen if they were in the hot sun all day without any kind of protection on their skin. Encourage their interaction, explain how you would burn, blister and peel and may even get sun

Explain to the students that many people feel that way about alcohol. It’s harmless and just one or two drinks won’t hurt. Remember every alcoholic started with just one drink. The following are some facts I feel everyone should know before they make a decision to use alcoholic products.

• Thirty percent of college failure is alcohol related
• Drinking and driving is the number one killer of Americans between the ages of 17-24
• One in every three suicides involves alcohol
• The average DUI (Driving Under the Influence) costs the charged person $3000.00
• 75% to 90% of campus rapes involve alcohol use
• 69% of all drownings are alcohol related

Remember one out of every three Americans DO NOT drink. Many times, we are under the assumption that everyone drinks. This is what the alcoholic companies want everyone to believe. They spend billions of dollars each year to sell their product, by making you and I believe everyone uses alcohol products.

The only 100% way to guarantee that you will never have be one of the above stated facts is to abstain and avoid all alcohol use. You have the personal power to be in control of your life and please do not let anyone take this away.

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