Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Get Excited About Red Ribbon Week!

NIMCO's Top Ten Reasons To Love Red Ribbon Week!

October is fast approaching which will bring another year of Red Ribbon Week in our schools and communities. This is a perfect time to teach our youth about the dangers of drugs and encourage them to take a stand against drug use. It's also the perfect time to encourage teachers and community leaders who are busy planning Red Ribbon Week activities.
Red Ribbon Week, Red Ribbon Week Theme, Drug Prevention, A Healthy Me is Drug Free
2013 Red Ribbon Week Theme "A Healthy Me is Drug Free"

We at NIMCO decided this would be a great time to list some of our top reasons to be excited about this year's Red Ribbon Week.

  1. It is an excellent way to get key people in the community involved with your school by having them come and speak or be a part of Red Ribbon Week activities.
  2. Youth who are positive roll models can become active leaders during Red Ribbon Week by helping plan and organize activities.
  3. Senior adults love the opportunity to be a part in Red Ribbon Week activities and have knowledge and facts to share with youth.
  4. Civic organizations love to be a part of a positive campaign like Red Ribbon Week that will educate the community.
  5. Youth and adults who love Red Ribbon Week are filled with information, fun activities, and will always associate the color red with Red Ribbon Week!
  6. A chance to show pride in your school and community being drug free.
  7. Making the world a better place...your actions matter and can change the future.
  8. A great way to encourage drug prevention with our youth.
  9. This year's Red Ribbon Week Theme "A Healthy Me is Drug Free" is perfect for encouraging being healthy and being drug free within the same message!
  10. Participating in Red Ribbon Week is not only educational...it's a whole lot of FUN!!!
We at NIMCO hope this list will help motivate you in your preparations for the 2013 Red Ribbon Week. For additional help our website is packed full of Red Ribbon Week products including the official 2013 Red Ribbon Week Theme "A Healthy Me is Drug Free".

Please visit our website homepage at www.nimcoinc.com for further products and information. 

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