Friday, September 20, 2013

Tricks Not Treats - Ideas for Red Ribbon Week Activities

NIMCO, Inc. Encourages Red Ribbon Week Activities

Over the next few weeks leading up to Red Ribbon Week 2013, NIMCO will be sharing some activity ideas on our blog that teachers and community leaders can use to help students get excited about Red Ribbon Week. Many of these ideas can be incorporated in your school leading up to Red Ribbon Week

Our sixth entry is entitled: Tricks Not Treats 
Red Ribbon Week, Say Boo To Drugs, Halloween Drug Prevention

Drugs are definitely tricks and not treats. Halloween falls in the traditional dates for Red Ribbon Week. This is the perfect opportunity to let students make a positive impact during
one of the most popular holidays of the year.

• Halloween Prevention Party
• Give out Halloween Goody Bags
• Students write positive reasons why youth should not use drugs, positive character building quotes, or how to respond if someone is faced with being offered drugs.
• Dress up in a costume. Costumes may NOT include play weapons of any kind or blood.
• Teachers discuss with students that it is no longer safe to eat treats that come from strangers. Give students the information on what is safe and not safe. Who they should consider a stranger. Also, discuss the importance of being home before dark unless you are with a parent or guardian.


“Say boo to drugs!”

Head over to our website for more Red Ribbon Week information. We also have a page dedicated to the National 2013 Red Ribbon Week Theme "A Healthy Me is Drug Free!" where you can purchase many different promotional items that you can use and pass out to students during Red Ribbon Week Oct. 23-31st. And don't forget we have some Halloween themed promotionals that are great for Red Ribbon Week and Drug Prevention.

And check back as we blog about more creative ideas for Red Ribbon Week!

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