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Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - Keys

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - Keys

Over the next few weeks, NIMCO will be sharing some "Attention Grabber™" ideas that you can use in class to help teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The “Attention Grabbers” are designed to assist with teaching and speaking about the adverse effects alcohol and drugs cause to all who are exposed to these addictive drugs. We live in a visual society, making visual aids a needed resource to assist with speaking or teaching thus enabling you to reach your entire audience. The suggestions are designed to assist your alcohol and drug education programs. You may expound upon each scenario as your presentation or speaking time allows. Each “Attention Grabber™” is very cost effective to present with the suggested visual aids to reiterate the information given during your presentation. These "Attention Grabber™" ideas are also great for Red Ribbon Week!

• Set of car keys
• Inexpensive toy car or truck

Hold up the keys and tell the group that this is the set of keys to your brand-new (car or truck). Ask a volunteer  to come up front. Hand the keys to your volunteer and tell him or her you are giving them your new (car or truck).  
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Explain in detail about the vehicle (color, interior, sound system etc.). Describe a vehicle that is very appealing to the group you are speaking too.

Ask the volunteer if they are excited about their new vehicle? Ask if they will let someone drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs drive their new vehicle? Their response should be no and ask the reason they said no.

• Some possible responses they may say are:
• Its illegal
• It’s dangerous

When you use drugs or alcohol, you lose your control.

Use this opportunity to point out they should not take the chance of wrecking their body or life.

Add more reasons as your time and group discussion will allow. Explain to the group that when someone uses drugs or alcohol and gets behind the wheel not only does it affect them but also
whoever is with them and anyone they meet on the highway. Take this opportunity to explain that drugs and alcohol are always a dangerous and sometimes deadly combination, especially if you are behind the wheel.

Thank the volunteer for his or her participation and tell them you are sorry but you really don’t have a new vehicle for them, but you have this. Hand them the toy (car or truck) and ask everyone to give
them a nice applause for their participation.

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