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Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - False Advertising

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - False Advertising

Over the next few weeks, NIMCO will be sharing some "Attention Grabber™" ideas that you can use in class to help teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The “Attention Grabbers” are designed to assist with teaching and speaking about the adverse effects alcohol and drugs cause to all who are exposed to these addictive drugs. We live in a visual society, making visual aids a needed resource to assist with speaking or teaching thus enabling you to reach your entire audience. The suggestions are designed to assist your alcohol and drug education programs. You may expound upon each scenario as your presentation or speaking time allows. Each “Attention Grabber™” is very cost effective to present with the suggested visual aids to reiterate the information given during your presentation. These "Attention Grabber™" ideas are also great for Red Ribbon Week!

• Assorted magazines that appeal to youth
• Scissors
• Shopping bag or trash bag with handles

alcohol advertising | alcohol prevention | red ribbon week
Alcohol ad targeting video gamers.
Divide the students in groups and give each group magazines, scissors, and a trash bag. The task is for the students to remove any item or picture that involves liquor, beer, or wine. As the students busy themselves with this task, encourage discussion about how alcohol companies target youth and try to make their ads so appealing it seems like everyone drinks. Point out to students that a recent survey across America showed a decline in alcohol consumption among youth. 

As the students edit the magazine for alcohol ads, ask each group to select the most sizzling and appealing ad they find and discard the rest in their trash bag. You may award the group with the most trash and the group with the alcohol ad that appeals most to the students. Use this opportunity to point out that alcohol companies target youth. Remind the students that the alcohol companies only want their money and are not concerned about addiction or other side effects caused by alcohol use.

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