Thursday, December 26, 2013

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - Extra Baggage

Over the next few weeks, NIMCO will be sharing some "Attention Grabber™" ideas that you can use in class to help teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The “Attention Grabbers” are designed to assist with teaching and speaking about the adverse effects alcohol and drugs cause to all who are exposed to these addictive drugs. We live in a visual society, making visual aids a needed resource to assist with speaking or teaching thus enabling you to reach your entire audience. The suggestions are designed to assist your alcohol and drug education programs. You may expound upon each scenario as your presentation or speaking time allows. Each “Attention Grabber™” is very cost effective to present with the suggested visual aids to reiterate the information given during your presentation. These "Attention Grabber™" ideas are also great for Red Ribbon Week!

• String or ribbon
• Boxes in various sizes
• Construction paper, and markers

Write on separate pieces of construction paper the following--Cirrhosis of the Liver, Drunk Driving, Binge Drinking, Traffic Fatalities, Fatal Alcohol Syndrome. Tape each piece of paper on a different box.

Have a hole punched in each box and connect the boxes with the string or ribbon leaving about a four foot excess string on the last box. Ask for two volunteers (male and female) to join you in front of the group. Tell everyone that this couple is getting ready to go out to eat and then see a movie. Explain to the audience that this would be wonderful except for one small problem. Point to the young man and say he has some excess baggage; he will be taking on the date. Tie the ribbon or string around his wrist and position the boxes so you can read aloud the problem listed on each box.

Address the audience and explain the health issue written on each box. You may choose to use different problems related to alcohol use. The point of the illustration is to make your audience aware
that drinking creates problems. These problems and health issues are “attached” to the person who chooses to use alcohol and also all those around them.

Ask the question to the group; Is this something (pointing to the attached boxes) you really want to spend an evening with?

Suggested supplemental materials may be purchased at

Dangers of Drugs Flip Chart (Click Here to Purchase)                        

Dangers of Alcohol Flip Chart (Click Here to Purchase)

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