Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - Just Say NO

Drug and Alcohol Attention Grabbers™ - Just Say NO

Over the next few weeks, NIMCO will be sharing some "Attention Grabber™" ideas that you can use in class to help teach about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The “Attention Grabbers” are designed to assist with teaching and speaking about the adverse effects alcohol and drugs cause to all who are exposed to these addictive drugs. We live in a visual society, making visual aids a needed resource to assist with speaking or teaching thus enabling you to reach your entire audience. The suggestions are designed to assist your alcohol and drug education programs. You may expound upon each scenario as your presentation or speaking time allows. Each “Attention Grabber™” is very cost effective to present with the suggested visual aids to reiterate the information given during your presentation. These "Attention Grabber™" ideas are also great for Red Ribbon Week!

• Packages of gum
• 2 volunteers

Instruct two volunteers to stand facing each other in front of the audience. Give a package of gum to one of the volunteers. Instruct the other volunteer not to accept the gum no matter how hard he/she tries to get you to accept it. Instruct the individual with the gum to be creative in the ways he/she tries to entice the other volunteer to accept the gum. Tell the individual to be as pushy or funny as they want to. Try to the best of their ability to get the other person to take their gum. The individual who is not accepting the gum needs to be firm, stand their ground, and not accept the gum no matter how persuasive the other individual is. After both individuals have exhausted their efforts thank them and they may return to the audience or if they are part of your pre-planned script, they may exit the stage/front of the room.  

Look at the audience and compare the scene to the way many times they are badgered into trying drugs or alcohol. It seems that many times friends or peers will not accept NO for an answer. They just keep on and on as we just witnessed. Many times, they wear you down and you agree just because you ran out of reasons to deny their request. It is a proven fact the best way to avoid alcohol or drug addiction is never try them.

Tell the audience that you want each one to write down at least five reasons and techniques of refusing alcohol or drugs. Collect all the ideas and consolidate the list deleting the duplicate ideals. Copy the list of refusal ideas and pass them out to the students later in the day. This instills a sense of self-power and pride in refusing drugs or alcohol.

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